Vitamin C Serum Benefits

Hello all, today I am confabulating here a trending topic Vitamin C Serum Benefits and Vitamin C Serum Side effects. We are a bit voracious about our skincare topic Right? We need assemblage of best ingredients & all benefits come up in one product. It sounds a bit funny Right? But hold your breath. Today my purpose is to lay out elucidation of a single product that encompasses almost all-important ingredients and benefits to make your skin glowing & Super healthy. So, We can entitle it as “SKIN SUPERFOOD” – VITAMIN C SERUM.

Vitamin C Serum Benefits
Vitamin C Serum Benefits

There are lots of VITAMIN C SERUMs of good brands available in the market. All are of different unique features. You can choose any, It’s simple right. But between all of these which one is suited particularly for your skin, you don’t know.

Before purchasing vitamin C serum, we need to know what is Vitamin C. So, in the beginning, we will discuss the definition of Vitamin C, and Vitamin C Serum and later you will know Vitamin C Serum Benefits. Let’s move into it the below.

What is Vitamin C?: Vitamin C Serum Benefits

Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic Acid. It is a crucial nutrient that our body needs. It helps to make blood vessels, muscle & collagen in bones.

What is Vitamin C
What is Vitamin C

Vitamin C is full of Anti-oxidants which aid to protect our cells against free radicals. Free radicals are harmful to our body and can cause cancer, heart diseases, etc.

As our body does not produce vitamin c itself so we need to get it from citrus fruits vegetables or supplements. Likewise, our skin also can not produce vitamin c. So, we need to nourish our skin with vitamin c skin care products.

In that case, Vitamin C Serum acts as a magic potion to rejuvenate our skin. But without knowing what is Vitamin C serum and Vitamin C Serum Benefits we can not add them to our skincare routine. Check out what is Vitamin C serum here.

Vitamin C Serum Benefits: What is Vitamin C Serum

From the above discussion, we have learned about Vitamin C. Now we will put light on Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is a liquid or gel skincare product. It is packed with VITAMIN C which is topically applied to the skin. Vitamin C Serum Benefits are countless for the skin.

What is Vitamin C Serum
What is Vitamin C Serum

Adding Vitamin C Serum to your beauty regime in this day and age is a must. It’s loaded with lots of crucial capacities which are inevitable for our skin.

See “Skincare is essential. Makeup is a choice”. So we need to take care of our skin to make it look super glowing & healthy from the inside out.

Before buying VITAMIN C SERUM you must know What Vitamin C Serum Benefits. Without knowing the purpose and benefits we cannot include it in our skincare routine. So, why wait let’s know how Vitamin C serum gives visible benefits to our skin in the following.

Vitamin C Serum Benefits

We have already talked about What is Vitamin C Serum the above. Now we will confabulate the Vitamin C Serum Benefits here.

It has innumerable benefits for our skin. Let’s move to the main context of this article. The Vitamin C Serum Benefits are as follows.

  • Shield Skin With Antioxidants Properties
  • Antiaging Properties
  • Anti Pigmentation Properties
  • Anti Inflammatory Properties
  • Brightens Skin
  • Vitamin C with Collagen benefits
  • Smoothes Skin
  • Hydrating
  • Lightens Sunburn & Scras
  • Heals Wound
  • Reservoir Effect
  • Suitable for All Skin Types

Subsequently, we will converse on the above points. It will present you portray the Vitamin C Serum Benefits in detail. Let’s enlighten the topic below.

1. Shield Skin with Antioxidants Properties: Daily our skin gets damaged from UV Rays, Sunlight, Smoking, Pollution, Exposure, and harsh chemical products or makeup. 

Shield skin with Antioxidants properties
Shield skin with Antioxidants properties

All of these create free radicals in our skin which bruise our skin and various skin components. These free radicals damage Skin. As a result wrinkles, and pigmentation starts visibly on our faces. Then our skin becomes saggy and looks dull.

Vitamin C serum shields our skin by creating antioxidants. It acts as a barrier from these free radicals and all types of damage. Thus Vitamin C makes our skin youthful & revive.

2. Antiaging Properties: In the context of Vitamin C Serum Benefits, we must know that Vitamin C Serum is a magnificent anti-aging ingredient. Our skin contains elastin, and collagen which makes our skin smooth and firm. 

All pollution, Unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, Work pressure, Tension, and Smoking decrease the proportion of elastin & collagen in our skin. Consequently, Aging signs, Wrinkle, low elasticity & saggy skin happen.

Vitamin C Serum is loaded with Antioxidants. It helps to boost the level of collagen. In spite of that Vitamin C Serum clears wrinkles and forms elasticity in the skin.

3. Anti pigmentation: Vitamin C Serum gives extreme Anti-pigmentary effects on our skin. Our skin contains melanocytes which create Melanin, Pigment.

Anti pigmentation
Anti pigmentation

Vitamin C Serum prevents pigmentation. Besides of that Vitamin C Serum with its anti-oxidant properties corrects pigmentation by reducing the production of melanin.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Vitamin C Serum is a very good anti-inflammatory agent. It soothes the skin. It also decreases the puffiness of the skin.

The free radicals of the skin act as oxidative damage. Vitamin C Serum diffuses the activeness of free radicals. Hence, it functions as anti-inflammatory property to the skin.

5. Brightens Skin: The orange color of Vitamin C Serum emerges into the skin easily. The orange color fades out pigmentation and dark spots on the skin.

Regardless of that, it increases the production of glutathione. Hence the Vitamin C Serum brightens our skin bright with a visible and youthful glow.

6. Vitamin C with Collagen benefits: Collagen is a protein. It is located in our skin. But, with time our skin becomes saggy due to age factors, pollution or work pressure, etc. decelerating the production of Collagen.

Our skin needs collagen badly. Because, collagen helps to improve skin elasticity and removes wrinkles, and fine lines of the skin.

Vitamin C Serum boosts Collagen production in our skin. So, when we apply Vitamin C Serum to our skin it improves our skin texture.

Vitamin C Serum also protects the existing collagen on our skin. It is a precious protein that inhibits further damage to our skin. So, gradually we got to know that Vitamin C Serum Benefits are beyond belief.

7. Smoothens Skin: As we got to know from the above point Vitamin C Serum promotes new skin cells. Vitamin C Serum helps to rid away dead skin cells. It corrects skin pigmentation and scars. In this way, it also smoothes our skin texture.

8. Hydrating: A scientific research in 2017 that, most healthy skin consists of a high amount of vitamin C. It racks up in the body from circulation. Vitamin C absorbs into the skin easily.

We already know that vitamin c is also known as Ascorbic acid. When we lather vitamin c in the form of ascorbic acid onto the skin, it emerges deep into the skin.

Hence, it gives moisture effect to our skin. So skin becomes hydrating & supple. As we proceed in this article we are learning that Vitamin C serum benefits are countless.

9. Protects and Heals Sunburn

Ultraviolet rays and UVB rays damage our skin consistently. The sunrays cause sunburn and tanned skin. These rays construct free radicals on the face.

 Protects and Heals Sunburn
Protects and Heals Sunburn

These harmful rays also create wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, and sun elastosis. Here Vitamin C Serum works as a magic potion.

Vitamin C Serum is loaded with antioxidants. It fights against free radicals. Vitamin C also has an anti-pigmentary effect, so it lightens sunburn and scars. It also protects our skin from sunburn.

10. Wound Heal: The vital function of vitamin c or ascorbic acid is to abet in production of Collagen. Collagen is the most crucial protein to connect tissues. It heals spoiled skin.

A review in 2017 described that vitamin c supplements can increase the repairing of DNA bases that are damaged. As vitamin C has an anti-inflammatory agent and collagen booster so relatively it helps in wound healing.

11. Reservoir Effect: Reservoir Effect means, a capacity to reserve or store anything. Vitamin C is Water Soluble. It has a reservoir effect. Vitamin C is very light & absorbs into skin & stays for nearly 72 hours.

Its effect stays even after rinsing it away. Even if anyone applies vitamin c serum once in 3 days the moisture effect will be sustained. But exposure, Pollution, and UV Rays decrease the level of VITAMIN C . So need to reapply.

12. Suitable for All Skin Types: Vitamin C is good for all skin types. As we learned earlier, it promotes collagen production at a faster rate. Collagen is very essential protein to maintain good skin health.

But, here is a trick vitamin c is found with different properties for different purposes It means all are good but all are not suitable for all skin types. Vitamin C takes different forms.

For example, if you have sensitive skin then the Ascorbyl Palmitate form of vitamin C is best for you. Calcium Ascorbate is another form of Vitamin C, it is best suited for dry skin people.

The purest form of Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid or L-ascorbic acid. It is best suited for normal and dry skin people. For acne-prone skin, the most suited form of Vitamin C is Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. So, the Vitamin C Serum Benefits are innumerable for all skin types.

Therefore we have narrated the multipurpose Vitamin C Serum Benefits the above. Succeedingly we will give an idea about Vitamin C Serum Benefits on Acne. Let us move to that discussion.

Vitamin C Serum Benefits Acne

From the article above we got to know that Vitamin C Serum Benefits are like magic for the skin. Now we will enumerate how vitamin c serum is beneficial for Acne. We will also discuss how acne scars are faded away by using vitamin c serum.

Vitamin C Serum Benefits Acne
Vitamin C Serum Benefits Acne
  • Acne: Before knowing the vitamin c serum benefits, firstly we need to know What is Acne. Acne is an inflaming mess of skin. Due to an unhealthy diet, and improper skin care, skin pores are clogged by bacteria or oil. These clogged pores form an Acne.
  • Vitamin C Serum Benefits Acne: To rid away from Acne people topically use non-comedogenic gel, or cream. There are many non-comedogenic products available in the market which contains vitamin C. They are used to treat acne and pimples.

Vitamin C serum has an anti-inflammatory agent. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin c help to reduce redness, inflammation, and itchiness, of Acne.

ReapplIcation of vitamin C serum reduces the swelling and bruise of Acne. Consequently, vitamin c serum heals the acne and clears away the acne scar. Apart from these Vitamin C Serum Benefits, the skin appears more bright and youthful.

Here we shared how vitamin c serum benefits acne. We also learned that vitamin c serum fades acne scars. It makes our skin look more youthful and glowing. In the next, we will describe how and when we should apply Vitamin C Serum.


Vitamin C Serum USAGE

From the above chronicle, we have been introduced to vitamin c serum and its multi-benefits for our skin. We also have narrated how and when should we apply vitamin c serum

First, cleanse the face with a mild cleanser. Rinse with water then pat dry with a towel. Take 3-4 drops of VITAMIN C SERUM & apply gently don’t harshly rub onto the skin. Wait for 3-4 sec and apply a suitable moisturizer & sunscreen.

Use 1-2 times a day. Doctors recommend applying in the morning with sunscreen. You can apply VITAMIN C SERUM combined with another ingredient that can be applied during the night.

  • Types Of Vitamin C Serum

There are two types of Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C cream oil-based & Vitamin C Serum water-based. Oily skin people can use Vitamin C cream and normal skin people can use Vitamin C gel.


It takes up to 3-4 months to get an entire result. Many factors are involved to get results. How regularly do you use it? If your skin tissues are good then can get a quick result. The age factor is important. If you are young then get a quick result.

If aged then get the result after 3-4 months. A healthy lifestyle, diet, serum concentration everything depends to see the result. Normally some differences you can see after using 1-2 weeks. Your skin looks hydrated, skin tone texture improved & make skin glow & supple.

Vitamin C Serum Benefits: Vitamin C Serum Side effects

The Preceding Rendition served you with multi-purpose Vitamin C Serum Benefits. You also learned how to use vitamin c serum regarding skin concerns.

you got to know when can we get the visible result by applying vitamin c serum. Here we will enumerate some Vitamin C Serum Side effects.


  • Like other skincare products vitamin c serum also has some side effects. But the side effects of vitamin c serum are rare.
  • Sometimes due to allergic reactions Itching happens after using vitamin c serum. It is the most common side effect of vitamin c serum.
  • If your skin is dry but you are using the form of vitamin c serum which is suitable for oily or another skin type then Itching may arise.


  • When someone has pigmentation but is using different skin concerns vitamin c Redness may happen.
  • Redness is another type of skin side effect that can arise by applying vitamin c serum.
  • If redness is caused by using vitamin c then you must stop using that vitamin c serum.
  • Instead, you should use vitamin c serum related to your skin type and concern.


  • Another common side effect of vitamin c serum is Breakout. We already knew that vitamin c benefits acne. It helps to reduce acne.
  • But, vitamin c serum and retinoids can cause breakout on the skin. Breakout or purging arises when you are starting a new skincare product.
  • But, with the time when our skin is friendly with skincare products and it does not react.

Therefore we confabulated almost all common side effects of vitamin c serum above. Now we are more concerned about Vitamin C Serum Benefits and Vitamin C Serum Side effects. Adjacently we will discuss the benefits of vitamin c serum if used with different properties.

Vitamin C Serum Precautions

Vitamin C Serums available on the market are all safe. But some combinations are not safe. Like, don’t mix vitamin c serum with  Retinol & Benzoyl peroxide.

Vitamin Serum is a colorless solution. It should be stored in the dark & cool otherwise can be oxidized.

If it oxidizes then it changes its color to yellow. If you use oxidized vitamin c serum then it will not give accurate results. So store it carefully.

Packaging of Vitamin C Serum

As we already knew that vitamin c oxidizes. So, Look for the branded product as these are packaged in airtight & dark bottles.

So there is no chance of getting oxidized. And you will get the optimum benefits of vitamin c serum. Some lustrous combinations of VITAMIN C SERUM & other Ingredients.

What to mix with vitamin C serum?

We have shared the idea before that vitamin c serum can be combined with other properties. With a combination of different properties, vitamin C works differently.

We should pick wisely the right combinations of vitamin c which is most suited for our skin type and concern. We will render the most powerful combinations of vitamin C which work like wonder. Let’s check out below what they are and how they are beneficial for our skin.

Vitamin C with Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful nutrient that includes anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. It repairs skin damage and protects our skin from further bruises. Vitamin C with Vitamin E is a super-powerful combination for the skin.

As both are loaded with antioxidants that are needed by humans. This combination promotes collagen protection, repairs skin damage, firms and tones the skin and our skin looks younger than before.

Vitamin C with Ferulic Acid

Ferulic Acid is a Hydroxycinnamic acid. It is a plant-based antioxidant. It is specially formulated to treat anti-aging problems. When ferulic acid is used in skincare it aids to rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes.

According to Dr. Dianne Mraz Robinson(professor of dermatology), ferulic acid fights against free radicals to protect and correct skin damage. Whereas vitamin c extends the effectiveness of ferulic acid.

Vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the fluid of the eyes and joints. Hyaluronic acid helps to lock skin moisture.

It alleviates skin smoothness and makes skin supple and fine lines free. The combination of vitamin c and hyaluronic acid repairs damaged skin and works great as anti-aging.

Vitamin C with Niacinamide

Niacinamide (nicotinamide) is a form of vitamin B3. It aids in building a ceramide(lipid) barrier in the skin. The barrier helps to retain skin moisture.

One of the epic combinations is vitamin C with Niacinamide. Vitamin C with Niacinamide protects our skin from sun damage, corrects spots, and pigmentation, and also rids away aging signs.


It is one type of fat lipid which makes the skin barrier. The combination of vitamin c and ceramide makes a better skin barrier. It also repairs damaged skin barriers and protects the skin from further damage.

This combo reduces melanin production, removes dead skin cells, and accelerates collagen formulation. Skin becomes bright and even-toned.

So, we served you the idea about the most powerful combination of Vitamin C serum. we also shared how the combinations are advantageous for our skin.

So think about what your skin needs and use the best combination with VITAMIN C SERUM. Choose your skin target area and buy the proper one for your skin. Now take a look at what concentration of vitamin c is safe to use below.


Doctors recommend 10%-25% concentrated VITAMIN C. I suggest you if you are a beginner then start with low concentration when suits increase the percentage. Thus it will not give irritation to your skin.

Therefore, I hope we have rendered almost entire facts about Vitamin C Serum so that there will be no confusion before using & purchasing. Subsequently, we have assembled a bucket list of the most popular and Effective vitamin c serums. Have a look below.

10 Best Vitamin C Serum

In today’s beauty regime Vitamin C Serum is a must-buy product. There is various effective vitamin c serum on the market. But with the best combination and efficacy here is a list of vitamin c serums.

10 Best Vitamin C Serum
10 Best Vitamin C Serum

1. Minimalist Vitamin C serum

2. Klairs freshly juice vitamin c serum

3. St. Botanica vitamin c serum

4. Plum vitamin c serum

5. Derma co vitamin c serum

6. Eclat vitamin c serum

7. Dot & key vitamin c serum

8.Khadi global vitamin c serum

9. Mom’s co vitamin c serum

10. Garnier vitamin c serum


Finally, we have come to the conclusion part of this article. We have confabulated here the definition of vitamin c serum, Vitamin C Serum Benefits, and vitamin c serum side effects.

Despite that, we have shared powerful combinations of vitamin c, concentration, and a list of the best vitamin c serums. If you like the article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members.

FAQs: Vitamin C Serum Benefits

Is it okay to use vitamin C serum every day?

Vitamin C Serum helps to brighten our skin tone. It also removes fine lines, and black spots and protects our skin from sunburn. Regular use of vitamin c serum makes our skin look youthful and healthier. So, yes you can definitely use vitamin c serum every day.

What happens if you use vitamin C without sunscreen?

We need to apply sunscreen after applying vitamin c. VItamin with sunscreen gives double protection to our skin from UVA rays, and sunburn. If you use vitamin c without sunscreen then there is a chance to get a sunburn, fine lines, and pigmentation. So, don’t skip sunscreen after using vitamin c serum. You can get a detailed idea of vitamin c serum from the above article.

How long does it take to see benefits from vitamin C serum?

You can not see instant results after using vitamin c. It takes 4-12 weeks to get visible changes in your skin. But, the results of vitamin c depend on some factors. Everything about the factors and the process of using vitamin c serum has been discussed in our article. you can check.

Can vitamin C serum make you look younger?

Vitamin c is loaded with anti-oxidants. It has anti-aging properties also. Vitamin C serum has multi-benefits for our skin. It brightens our skin, removes pigmentation, and reduces fine lines. So, all in all, we can say that yes, vitamin c serum can make you look younger. To get each and every detail of vitamin c serum, go through our article.

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