Why gain Weight When Working Out

Why gain Weight When Working Out A unique workout practice sets pressure on your muscle fibers and generates micro muscle rips, & Inflammation. There may be various kinds of reasons behind your working out.

It may be for losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, fitness, or extra fitness and skill learning. You are working out daily, but Gaining Weight is quiet-normal. Don’t take it seriously.

Why gain Weight When Working Out
Why gain Weight When Working Out

There are bunches of aspects to contemplate when weight loss is concerned. Fitness experts say, what you need to know about that number on the hierarchy post-workout sesh.

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From the above discussion, we learned that often, people Gain weight when working out. Here we will discuss the Causes of Momentary Weight Gain From Workouts or Why gain Weight When Working Out

Causes for Momentary Weight Gain From Workouts

Below we have enumerated Why gain Weight When Working Out. The causes of gaining weight are-

Causes for Momentary Weight Gain From Workouts
Causes for Momentary Weight Gain From Workouts
  • Water Retention After Workout
  • Glycogen
  • Appetite
  • Muscle growth
  • Time
  • Micro-tears

Water Retention After Workout

At first, when you are new to working out or commence a workout for the first time, then suddenly your physical movements increase. As a result, your body will intrinsically go through many transitions in the first few months.

New exercises may generate small or micro-muscle tears and inflammation. It may sound a bit scary but you don’t need to worry about that. It is a common phenomenon. When you start working out or lifting weight,  you are setting your muscle tissue or fiber under strain.

Whenever you are lifting weight or exercising, you are contesting those muscles and pushing them to break down. This strain directs to micro-tears, which are restored by your muscle cells automatically.

This method of restoration is what enables you to build muscle mass and power. Muscle weight gain is indeed a significant aspect. But, your body will react to this inflammation, by momentarily retaining water, which can conduct to raised-water weight.

And, it’s ok! Give space to your body to heal. Take care of your body and check your sodium intake. Drink an adequate amount of water, consume fruits, and vegetables, and have a healthy diet.

As a law of thumb, you should be sipping half your body weight in ounces of water. Recall that, water weight is transient, and it shifts with time. 

Women on period should remember that the menstrual cycle can also cause fluid retention. Do not worry much about the scale. Water weight indicates that your body is restoring, and your body formatting will be normal again.


When you initiate exercising regularly, your body accumulates extra glycogen to fuel the extra activity. Glycogen is the fuel for our muscles to utilize for energy. When we increase doing work-out, our cells need to reserve more Glycogen.

Glycogen also needs storage of water. Per gram of glycogen is accumulated with at least 3 grams of water. After practicing regular workouts, our muscles get mastery in using glycogen with less amount of water.


When working out is your daily routine then you need to have a high-calorie diet. The most common cause of gaining weight is post-workout hunger. Some research showed that after working out hunger increases and some other research claims that workouts decrease appetite.

When hunger decreases then there is nothing to worry about. But post-workout sesh if your hunger increases, you need to keep an eye on your calorie intake. If your calorie intake remains the same then it is good for you. Slowly and steadily you will lose weight.

But if vice-versa happens then you will gain weight. So, to remain on track figure out your calorie intake and diet consumed weekly.  Cut off added calories from sweets and snacks. Despite that, be aware of the quantity of protein and fuel you require while concentrating on creating nutritious meals.

It is the key point of your high-calorie healthy diet. Little adjustments to your meal intake can deliver you a satisfactory result. Try to consume healthy fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, and fat instead of ice cream, red meat, and processed food.

You may add a healthy snack to your diet for pre and post-workout sesh. It may help you to stay away from overeating and also deliver you more strength and energy for workouts.

Muscle growth

According to Dr. Calabrese, There is another origin of weight gain that people constantly misinterpret. You may see visible changes in your body composition. Your body will start to transform in a new way.

Muscle growth
Muscle growth

You will probably gain muscle mass and also may lose some fat mass. The weight of muscle mass is greater than fat. But, it helps to burn more calories.


Weight loss is not an unbent approach. You can not see rapid outcomes. Weight loss is as tough as weight gain. It is challenging, don’t expect results overnight.

Remember, our body is an amazing machine that may react positively or negatively if we introduce it to a new workout or diet. Our body needs time to adjust to the new change. Every person’s body is different from another.


When someone commences exercising for the first time, then muscles frequently sense aching for 24 to 48 hours after an activity. This happens due to micro-tears formed by healthful stress on the muscle fibers or tissues.

The small muscle injury needs to be healed. Regardless, to recover, your body requires to maintain extra water. Muscles are around 76%. So, the recovery process makes a prominent dissimilarity on the scale.

So, these are the main reasons behind the Why gain Weight When Working Out. The weight gain is Temporary and not unhealthy. There is no reason to worry about it.

How to stay Motivated When you are gaining weight even after working out?

Previously we discussed Why gain Weight When Working Out? Gaining weight may be slightly disappointing but we need to stay motivated to achieve the goal.

There are certain simple ways to stay motivated when you are gaining weight even after working out. Let us check those below.

  • Relax
  • Pen down a Timetable
  • Rework your Diet
  • Provide your body with what it requires
  • Stay Positive
How to stay Motivated When you are gaining weight even after working out?
How to stay Motivated When you are gaining weight even after working out?


When you notice that after working out you are gaining weight instead of losing then you might be frustrated. But, the first thing you should do is to relax.

Stay calm and positive. Because, if you get tensed it may affect your body and mind adversely. Check what is the reason for your weight gain. Accumulate all important points, be relaxed and keep yourself motivated.

Pen down a Timetable

If you checked that, after Working out you are gaining weight, then pen down a Timetable of workout. It will help you to remain focused and consistent with your workout Routine.

Research shows that successful fitness people follow the non-negotiable fitness timetable. Therefore, penning down a Timetable is a top way to stay motivated after gaining weight through Working out.

Rework your Diet

Check your diet first. Rework on it and start with a healthy weight loss diet, suitable for you. Maybe you are bored with the same salad or soup recipes. To get motivated to lose weight, you should revamp your diet to include a balanced diet that is healthy and also tasty.

Provide your body with what it requires

Try to understand what your body requires. Drink lots of water. Eat at short intervals so that your body gets all essential nutrients.

Give your body proper rest to recover from micro-tears and inflammation after working out. Give time to your body and you will notice and feel more stronger and efficient muscles.

Stay Positive

Whether you lose weight or gain weight, always try to stay positive. We all have ups and downs in our life but our future depends on how can we handle those. To achieve success we need to stay positive and work hard. In this way we can motivate ourselves.

So, with these simple tips and mindset to stay Motivated When you are gaining weight even after working out. Now we will move to the bottom line of this article.

Bottom Line

In this article we discussed all the reasons behind Why gain Weight When Working Out. There are various type of reasons. Such as water retention, Glycogen, Micro-tears, and muscle growth etc.

This weight gain is temporary and also not unhealthy. Why it is not unhealthy we narrated closely. We confabulated causes for Momentary weight gain in detail.

Besides, we shared some beneficial and effective tips on How to stay Motivated When you are gaining weight even after working out? We hope, those who gaining weight while workingout will stop worrying.

They will apply all the tips in their life and easily lose weight again. If you liked the article feel free to share it with your friends and family. Now lets go through the FAQ’s section below.

FAQ’s: Why gain Weight When Working Out

Why am i gaining weight after working out for 3 weeks?

A unique workout training puts strain on your muscle fibers. It renders slight micro incisions and some inflammation. It is known as micro trauma. Those two states in your muscle fibers are the basis you may gain some weight.

How long do you gain weight when you start working out?

According to Calabrese, when you first start workingout, you will gain weight from lean muscle mass that you add by building your muscles with workout or weightlifting. But, this is not happened immediately after starting workout. It takes at least 1 or 2 months to add lean muscle mass.

Is it normal to gain weight when lifting weights?

It is totally normal to gain weight when lifting weights. Due to water micro-tears of muscle fiber, inflammation, and water retention you may gain weight for temporary basis. To know more in detail check our article.

How long does temporary weight gain after exercise last?

After beginning workout you may notice weight gain. There are many reasons behind that. One of those reasons are water retention. But, after few weeks or month the water retention becomes less. Subsequently, you will lose weight again.

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