Negative Parenting Test

Currently, the “Negative Parenting Test” is running viral on TikTok. Most people are utilizing it to evaluate their childhoods. If you are keen to know about your Personality, then Tiktok is the best place.

The medium has familiarized several viral personality quizzes. On Tiktok the 5000 Character Personality Quiz discloses which mythical characters you are similar to.

Negative Parenting Test
Negative Parenting Test

There are some popular scientifical tests available. Such as, the Negative Parenting Test by Individual Differences Research is based on work by Dr. John Phillip Louis. Below we will enumerate the “Negative Parenting Test” closely.

Negative Parenting Test

As we discussed before that there are numerous popular personality check quizzes available on Tiktok. One of the most popular tests is the Negative Parenting Test.

What is the Negative Parenting Test on Tiktok?

Personality tests are consistently going viral on TikTok. Whether it’s the multidimensional anger test or a color quiz, people are enthusiastic to learn more about themselves.

The “Negative Parenting Test” explores “whether you are struggling with common damaging patterns as a consequence of the way your parents treated you.” In this game or test, 30 questions are given.

Players must respond to 30 queries associated with how their parents grew them. The test then defines which unfavorable manner patterns were most evident in the parent.

In this test, the negative patterns are divided into 6 categories. These are “Competitiveness,” “Rejection,” “Deprivation,” “Overprotection,” “Punishing,” and “Controlling.”

They are individually a strategy that a parent may have utilized with their child whether they were conscious of it or not. The Negative Parenting Test provides feedback such as the following. Let us move to the discussion of these categories.


Some parents are very aggressive. They desire status and constantly pressure their kids to perform and succeed. They do not glorify their kid’s progress unless they get the first place.


If they do not achieve the first place, the parents get frustrated with the kids. The parents always compare them with other kids. As a consequence, their kids may develop jealousy, frustration, low self-esteem, and depression. In the long run, the kids suffer from failure.


Parents who degrade and deny their kids frequently, and insult them are in this category. They constantly embarrassed their kids, and threaten to expel them from the parental relation or the house.


Since a child’s self-esteem gets corrupted by persistent rejection. Kids of those parents may develop anxiety, lack of focus, and laziness.


Some parents deny to bond with their kids emotionally. Those kids become emotionally hindered. Such individuals are usually incapable to ask for familiarity in their own lives. Most of the time they have furious gushes when their demands are not fulfilled.


Those kids can not create stable relationships in their Adulthood. The kids who are emotionally deprived of their parents act the same in their Adulthood. But, they are unaware of that.

Their close ones feel that and day by day gets more depressed. Emotionally deprived parents are holding inside their decreased ability for passionate closeness. As a result, their kids tend to become emotionally remote and have low self-esteem.


Another category of this test is Overprotection. Some parents tend to be overprotective.
Overprotective parenting refers to parents who restrain their child’s activities. They want to secure their child’s well-being, but their measures can be pushy and sometimes damaging.

The kids who grow up under the supervision of overprotecting parents mostly can not take decisions on their own, their mental capability becomes sluggish.

Also, they feel tough to become independent in their own life. As a result, Overprotecting Style of Parenting disrupts the overall growth of their kids.


The punishing style of parenting is very rude. In this case, parents think everything can be taught to their kids by the punishing method. They do everything with kids by showing them the fear of punishment.


This is a very destructive style of Parenting. Kids with punishing style parents tend to become negative characters. They may do criminal activities also if not concerned at right time.


Parents who try to control situations in every case of their kids are referred to as controlling Parents. This may be harmful to some extent.

They may attempt to handle a situation by taking control and controlling others through manipulation, pressure, and threats. Their kids tend to become either timid or fearless. Which is harmful to their future in both ways.

So, these are the six negative categories of the Negative Parenting test. The IDRlabs Parenting Test is based on a well-known inventory for the accumulation of the clinical idea of parenting.

However, free online tests, games, and quizzes can not provide accurate results. Therefore, the test is planned to be utilized for academic objectives only.

A definite psychological assessment can be done only through a Professional individual.
Free online tests such as the current parenting test do not deliver proficient reviews of any kind. The test is provided completely “as-is.”

What are examples of bad parenting?

Some signs and examples of bad parenting we can see nearby us. By seeing the signs we can recognize bad or good parenting. Let us discuss those below.

Extra Pampering

Some parents make feel their child is a special one. Pampering is not bad but extra pampering initiates weakness. Because children may develop the thought that others should do everything for them.

This is the worst thing. When your children can do everything independently that would be the best thing for them. Thus they can survive in every situation of their life.

Showing Discipline in front of others

Some parents are used to scolding, and hitting their children in front of others. But, this is not the right way of Parenting. Don’t show discipline in front of others.

It may develop a negative impact on your children. Your kids may feel shame, and it would be harmful, to them in the future.

Lack of Affection and emotional bonding

Many parents do not connect with their children emotionally. They do not give their children hugs or say I love you to their children frequently. It will make your child emotionally deprived, and depressed in their life.

Only Advice, No Motivation

If parents all time give only advice and no motivation to their children then they may not like it. You should maintain a balance between Advice and Motivation.

Advice is necessary but not all time. Sometime parents should motivate their kids also. Otherwise, kids may develop irritation with every advice of their parents.

Lack of Support

Kids require support from their parents. Specifically when they are dealing with tension, and Anxiety, like during examinations or interviews.

But some parents all time stick to their work and do not concern about their kids’ Anxiety. It may develop the tendency of Palpitation, and depression in your kids for a Lifetime, if not concerned at the proper time.

Shortage of Respect

Everyone has a different feeling. Whether adult or young everyone has self-respect. One should give respect to everyone’s feelings and self-respect.

But, some parents don’t value their kid’s feelings and opinions. These can hurt your kids very deeply and may put a negative impact on their minds.

Not giving chance to your Kids

In the case of Bad parenting, Parents do not give value to their kid’s options. So, they feel their decision is the last. They don’t give any chance to speak to their kids to express their opinion.

This is very bad for their kids. Those kids tend to become low-self esteemed and lack personality. In the future, they can not take the right decision for themselves.

So, above are the signs of bad parenting. Previously, we discussed the Negative Parenting Test. We can easily detect Negative Parenting, by seeing these signs.

5 consequences of irresponsible parenthood

As we know, no one can be an Ideal Parent in this world. But, we can notice some parenting behavior which measures as Good Parenting or Bad Parenting.

Bad Parenting behaviors can have some profound Negative consequences or effects on kids. Below, we will confabulate 5 consequences of irresponsible parenthood closely.

 Risk of Psychological Disorders

According to a Child Development Journal, Kids who are growing up with a Bad parenting style and are dealing with abuse probably suffer from psychological disorders.

 Risk of Psychological Disorders
Risk of Psychological Disorders

Although, it is not guaranteed that, the abused kids only have a psychological disorder. They may develop any type of issues. Besides, the journal also stated that the sibling relationship in those families is not so healthy.

The kids sometimes hurt themselves on their own due to post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a study published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect. It is based on different kinds of abuse.

Violence and Manners Issues

According to a study published in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, when parents reveal their kids to a violent community, then it can be dangerous for the kids.

It may result in issues in behavioral patterns. The analysis also found that if kids were targets of community violence or violence at home, then, they tended to show violent behavior in the prekindergarten environment.

As a result, it can lead to a “cycle of abuse,” in which kids grow up to harm others in the same way they were abused.

Depression and Low Self-Esteem

According to a Journal of Adolescent Research, a Negative parenting style can directly affect a child’s self-esteem and susceptibility to depression. It also stated that, if parents are overcontrolling and overprotecting then kids may tend to have depression and be full of negativity.

Poor Performance in School

According to a study published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect, if parents ignore kids, or fail to fulfill their necessities, may impact negatively school performance.

As a result, the kids can not form good social relationships in their school and society also. It may harm the study and school performance overall. Parents need to concern before it gets worse.

Problems with the Law

According to the International Journal of Child, Youth, & Family Studies, kids who are neglected by their parents are more likely to be prosecuted for juvenile delinquency. 

Despite this, another journal of Behavioral Sciences & the Law found that if mothers have been immature lawbreakers, they probably give birth to different types of kids. The kids are more likely to connect with antisocial behaviors.

They also tend to have trouble with the law themselves. The study suggested that this could also be associated with parental substance abuse. Now, let us move to the Bottom Line below.

Bottom Line

So, we have reached the Bottom line of this article. The main topic of this article is the Negative Parenting Test. We discussed the definition of the Negative Parenting Test, the Negative Parenting Test on Tiktok, and the 6 categories of the Negative Parenting Test.

In spite of that, we have discussed What are examples of bad parenting and 5 consequences of irresponsible parenthood. We discussed all these topics deeply.

How the parents should concern about their kids we gave an idea on that also. We hope you have got a crystal clear picture of the Negative Parenting Test and Negative Parenting. If you liked our article feel free to share it with your friends and family.

FAQs: Negative Parenting Test

What is a negative parent test?

The “Negative Parenting test” is an online test on TikTok.The quiz measures “whether you are struggling with common damaging patterns as a consequence of the way your parents treated you.” or not. Participants must respond to 30 questions associated with how their parents grew them.

What is the parent test?

The Parent test is designed to determine your parenting style. It is determined by the level of responsiveness and demandingness you deliver. It consists of two kinds of questions: scenario and self-assessment. For each scenario, you must answer according to how you would most probably act in identical circumstances.

What is a weak parent?

When a parent prioritizes their interests over their children’s best interests, then it is called a Bad or Weak Parent. Bad parents do not value kids’ opinions and interests.

What does bad parenting look like?

The short-term consequences of extreme criticizing or scolding your kid for making a blunder are brutal. Bad parenting indicates that the child is only adored or recognized by the errors they make. Short-term effects possess A shortage of self-confidence.

What are the 4 types of parenting styles?

The 4 types of parenting styles are – Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved/neglectful.

What are the 5 parenting styles?

The five parenting styles are- Balanced, Permissive, Uninvolved, Strict, and Domineering. About one-third of the partners conveyed each parent has the identical parenting style

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