Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness?

Hello all, do you exactly know Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness? There are 4 parenting styles. Parenting style is a fusion of parents’ perspectives and manners toward their children.

In this article, you will get to know Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness, 4 parenting styles, their benefits and effects, and What parenting style is the best? Besides, we will discuss, Baumrind’s parenting styles, and What are Baumrind’s four dimensions of parenting? Kindly scroll down to know about these in detail.

It is also considered with the emotional circumstance in which the parents’ methods and behaviors are conveyed. We will also discuss each parenting style’s advantages and disadvantages in detail below.

Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness?

Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness? So the answer is, Permissive parenting styles are high in responsiveness and low in demandingness.

Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness?
Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness?

Permissive parents are high on responsiveness low on control and demandingness because they normally bypass conflict, maintaining their authority. They levy restrictions on their children and allow them to control their behavior.

Children can make many decisions for themselves and there are few rules. Permissive parents do not teach their children how to be well-behaved in public. Thus the children become undisciplined and uncontrollable.

Permissive parents try to be caring and encouraging, so they don’t expect much from their children. They don’t expect maturity, discipline, or obedience from their children.

This strategy, often make their kids selfish, lacks decision-making, an under-achiever. So, these are the reason which makes Permissive parenting has high responsiveness and low demand.

This style of parenting normally avoids conflict. They maintain their authority or impose restrictions on their children, and permit them to control their own behavior.

We will confabulate all types of parenting styles in below. There are 4 types of parenting styles. Each parenting style has its own characteristics and effects. Let’s get into their detailed discussion. Kindly scroll down to know 4 parenting styles.

4 parenting styles

The 4 parenting styles are-

4 parenting styles
4 parenting styles
  • Authoritarian
  • Authoritative
  • Permissive
  • Uninvolved

Authoritarian Parenting Style

Authoritarian parenting is a rigorous parenting style. In Authoritarian parenting, the parent sets a high expectation bar on children with little tolerance.

In this style of parenting, a parent basically concentrates more on discipline, obedience, and control rather than encouraging their child.

Some parents follow this parenting style to maintain their traditional ethics. Where some other parents think that if they control their kids in a strict manner then they will be best in their future.

Authoritarian Parenting Style
Authoritarian Parenting Style
Characteristics of Authoritarian Parenting Style

An Authoritarian Parenting style is like the leader of a team. Where the leader’s decisions and guidelines are ultimate. He does not need or give priority to his subordinates.

The leader maintains full control in his fist. Likewise, authoritarian parenting style parents don’t control their kids as per their rules and regulations in a strict manner.

  • High in Demanding and Low in Responsiveness

Authoritarian parents are highly demanding and low in responsiveness. They demand obedience from their kids. They expect directives to be obeyed, by their kids without any explanation.

They control their kid’s behaviors everywhere in public and at home also. They set rules and restrictions for their kids in every aspect of their lives. Which their kids are bound to follow. Sometimes authoritarian parents force their children to follow certain unwritten rules.

  • Intolerant With Naughtiness of Kids

Authoritarian parents are generally very impatience and intolerant of the naughtiness of kids. They desire that their kids should not engage in unwanted acts and behaviors. They even feel very bothered explaining why their kids should not behave in certain ways.

  • Shaming in front of others

Authoritarian parents always do shaming to their kids in front of others. This is a tactic of theirs. They demean their kids in public to follow their specific rules without any disturbance.

  • Trust issue

Authoritarian parents have trust issues. They believe that their kids can not take decisions for their own lives. So, they make decisions for their kids in every aspect of their lives.

How does Authoritarian Parenting affect the child’s mental health?

The authoritarian parenting style affects the child’s mental health in two ways. They are positive and negative. Both effects are discussed below.

  • Positive effects of the Authoritarian Parenting
  1. Well Mannered

The kids of Authoritarian parents are undoubtedly well-mannered. They are of the best understanding nature. They can easily understand what is good or bad for them.

2. Focussed

The kids of Authoritarian parents always stay focussed on their goals. From childhood, these parents raise their kids with a proper pre-determined goal and help them to remain focussed on them.

3. Successful

Authoritarian parents raise their children with strict guidelines. So, they remain focussed and achieve their goals easily. They become successful.

  • Negative Effects of the Authoritarian Parenting
  1. Lack of Freedom

The kids of Authoritarian Parenting lack freedom. Because they always depend on their parent’s decisions. It makes them dependent which is not suitable for their future.

2. Cannot take Decision

In an authoritarian parenting style, kids cannot take proper decisions at right time. As they always follow their parent’s guidelines from childhood.

3. Low Self Esteem

In this parenting style, kids’ self-esteem becomes low. As it becomes a habit to follow the rules of their parents from childhood. So, they feel low in front of others when they don’t take proper decisions.

4. Burden

Every time authoritarian parents control their kids’ lives. So, they feel burdened. Because they can not do any work as per their will.

Authoritative Parenting Style

In the Authoritative parenting style, the parents set strict limitations but with great support, and nurturing behavior for their children. Here, parents take some decisions, explain all rules and discuss them with their children.

They are clear to their kids why they are setting such rules for them. They also listen to their kid’s viewpoints, think about them if they are perfect, then accept, and reject them if they are not ideal for them.

The kids of Authoritative parents are enthusiastic, self-sufficient, self-controlled, positive, and success-oriented nature. In this parenting style, parents punish their kids where they are wrong and also adore them when they are right.

Authoritative Parenting Style
Authoritative Parenting Style
Characteristics of Authoritative Parenting Style
  • Adoration and Limitations

Authoritative parents set limitations for their kids in some specific areas. They also adore their children. The adoration helps to build self-esteem and confidence in them. When they demand unnecessarily then the parents put some restrictions on their child’s safety.

For example – Your child desires a bicycle. As a parent, you are afraid that if your child goes to the busy road with that cycle then it will be risky for him/her.

So, here the parent put limitations that he will buy the kid bicycle if he/she promises not to go to the busy road and will be around home premises or neighborhood. It will make the child happy and also be careful that what is best for them and what’s not.

  •  Critique and Recognition

The authoritative parenting style is a combination of Critique and Recognition. Here, parents are being honest when their child does something wrong or something good. When the kids do something wrong the parents instantly criticize them and tell them the behavior or activity is bad, and they should not repeat it again.

Likewise, when the kid does something well the parents give recognition, and adoration and also reward them and mention that they feel proud of their child. So, this combination of critique and recognition helps to build, a child worthy and precious.

  • Directive and Reaction

An Authoritative Parent puts some restrictions based on their kid’s potential. They first go into a mutual discussion that why they are putting such limitations and also encourage them that they can do it.

The parent also explains clearly, what they desire from their child. So that, the child does not get diverted from their goal set.

So, Authoritative parents give directives and reactions at the same time. Which helps to create an emotional bonding between the parent and the child.

How does Authoritative Parenting affect the child’s mental health?

 According to Baumrind, kids of authoritative parents are

  • Positive and self-assured
  • They are energetic and achievement oriented
  • The kids are mentally strong and have a good understanding
  • They generate good social relationships
  • Most of the time, they are being Joyful
  • They are super productive and creative
  • They can take, the right decision, at right time on their own

Permissive Parenting Style

The Permissive parents are not demanding. They do not set any boundaries for their Kids. They give complete freedom to their kids. In a permissive parenting style, parents believe in friendly behavior with their kids.

They use gift-giving and bribery to their kids as a tool in parenting to fulfill their expectations. Parents always avoid punishments for their children.

Permissive Parenting Style
Permissive Parenting Style
Characteristics of Permissive Parenting Style
  1. Behave as Freind than a Parent

In the Permissive Parenting style, The parents do not behave like parents; on the contrary, they behave more like friends with their kids. The parents avoid punishments and give full freedom to their kids.

2. Lack of Control

In the Permissive parenting style, parents do not behave like a parent. They do not put any restrictions on their children. So, this parenting style lacks control.

3. Excess Freedom

Parents of the Permissive Parenting Style provide excess freedom to their kids. So, they become undisciplined.

4. Absence of Structure

Permissive Parenting Style has no proper structure. In this case parents and children usually do not follow any agenda.

Effects of Permissive Parenting Style
  • The kids of permissive style parenting styles lack self-control.
  • Kids become undisciplined.
  • The kids have no understanding and have low emotions.
  • In this parenting style, kids show aggression and have a shortage of patience.
  • They don’t make the right decision in their life.
  • The kids can not achieve their goals or may face failures.

Uninvolved Parenting Style

Uninvolved parenting is also known as Neglectful Parenting. In this parenting style parents generally stay uninvolved or unconnected from their children.

They do not fulfill any demands of their kids. The parents often stay unconcerned, or entirely neglectful.

Uninvolved Parenting Style
Uninvolved Parenting Style
Characteristics of Uninvolved Parenting Style
  • In an Uninvolved Parenting Style, parents are often careless.
  • Parents neglect their children.
  • They do not show any affection to their kids.
  • There is limited or no emotional bonding between parents and children.
  • They do not spend time with their children.
  • They do not fulfill the child’s desire.
  • The parents do not have any expectations from their children.
  • The parents do not motivate their children in their career path.
Effects of Uninvolved Parenting Style
  1. Under the Uninvolved Parenting Style, kids have low self-esteem.
  2. The kids have a deficit in social relationships.
  3. The kids stay in depression
  4. They can not achieve success properly in their education or career.
  5. The kids sometimes have developmental disorders
  6. They also tend to grow personality disorders in them.
  7. They are not disciplined
  8. They become the unorganized type

Here, we discussed 4 parenting styles, their characteristics, and their effects also. Consequently, we will describe What parenting style is the best?

What parenting style is the best?

Among the 4 types of parenting styles, The Authoritative Parenting Style is the best. There are several positive outcomes of the Authoritative Parenting Style, which make it the best among all parenting styles. Let’s discuss the reasons as well as benefits of the Authoritative Parenting Style.

What parenting style is the best?
What parenting style is the best?

Supportive Parents

Authoritative parents let their kids do mistakes. This process makes them learn about right and wrong by themselves. Where the parents assure them that they will provide all types of support during those times.

Basically, Authoritative parents are of a very supportive nature. This nature provides mental support and satisfaction to their kids. So, the kids grow with mature and intellectual minds.

Self- Confidence

Authoritative parents give space to their children. They guide them to take responsibility and important decisions on their own. Thus the children of Authoritative parents gradually begin to build self-confidence within themselves.

Better Social Skill

Authoritative Parents are very open and broad-minded people. They give chances to their kids to connect with their friends, families, and other public with some specific guidelines.

In this way, the kids can share their opinions and also gather knowledge through others’ opinions. It helps to build better social skills or public relations in authoritative parents’ kids.

Problem Solving

As we learned, Authoritative parents give space to their kids in a guided way. So, the children of Authoritative Parents can extra knowledge and be mature. This nature makes them eligible to solve problems many times whether it is their problem or not.

Good Communication

In Authoritative Parenting, there is a strong bond between Parents and children. Parents are emotionally attached to their kids in this parenting.

Before taking every decision parents to discuss it with their kids. So, they both do good communicate between themselves. Which helps to get a positive outcome for the kids of Authoritative parents.

Academically Successful

In a comparison with other parenting styles’ kids, the kids of Authoritative Parents are more academically successful. Because they are self-controlled and mature. They are energetic, enthusiastic kids. So, achieving success in their life becomes easy for them.

So, we learned What parenting style is the best? and why is best. Scroll down to know What is Baumrind’s parenting styles.

Baumrind’s parenting styles

Diana Baumrind is a clinical and developmental psychologist. Baumrind forged the 3 types of parenting styles. They are the Authoritative Parenting style, Authoritarian Parenting style, and Permissive Parenting style. Further, Maccoby and Martin added the uninvolved parenting style.

Diana Baumrind proposed that youngsters’ behavior can be allocated to the typical parenting style. Which they experienced in their houses. These styles describe the parenting styles closely, and how they interact with their children.

What are Baumrind’s four dimensions of parenting?

The Baumrind parenting styles are United States-centric. The four parenting styles are- Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved. Each parenting style deviates in at least 4 dimensions. The four dimensions are- Discipline style, nurturance, communication, and expectation.

So, we shared detailed information about Parenting Styles. Scroll down to read the conclusion and some FAQs related to Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness?


We are now giving the conclusion of Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness? In this article, you can get knowledge about Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness?

4 parenting styles, and What parenting style is the best? We also shared Baumrind’s parenting styles, and What are Baumrind’s four dimensions of parenting? Scroll down to know related FAQs to all these topics.

FAQs: Which Parenting Style is High in Responsiveness and Low in Demandingness?

What are the 4 types of parenting styles in psychology Quizlet?

The 4 types of parenting styles in psychology Quizlet are- Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved or Neglected Parenting Style.

What type of parenting style has low control and low acceptance?

An uninvolved Parenting Style has Low Control and Low Acceptance.
In this parenting style, parents remain detached from their child’s social-emotional and behavioral requirements.

What is high responsiveness in parenting?

Responsive parenting is a parenting style. It is illustrated by the parents’ high keenness to children’s requirements. High Responsive parents reply to their keeds’ needs, and feelings with warm acceptance. They are highly sensitive and respond instantly to their kids’ gestures.

Are authoritative parents responsive?

Yes, Authoritative parents are responsive. Besides responsiveness, they are encouraging, and supportive also. They put restrictions on their children. They control children’s behavior by communicating, and clarifying rules, and logic. They also patiently attend to a child’s perspective but don’t constantly accept it. They consider and take decisions.

What is an example of authoritative parenting?

An Example of Authoritative Parenting is – If a child of an authoritative parent demands a bicycle. Then the parent put some restrictions in exchange for it. They say we can give you a bicycle if you promise to not go with it to the highway. If you go to the highway then you might get at risk. So, you have to stay nearby the house premises or playground. This way the child can understand his responsibilities also.

What is a relaxed parenting style?

Permissive parenting is a relaxed parenting style. Because they do not put any restrictions on their children. They do not have any expectations from their children. They behave like a friend to their children. On the other hand, Kids do not have any commitments and are permitted to control their manners and most of their choices.

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