Positive Parenting for Military Families: 21 Ultimate Guide

Positive Parenting for Military Families is an Ultimate Guide to nurturing kids by motivating and supporting their physical, vibrant, and intellectual growth.

Hi all, Do you perceive Positive Parenthood for Military Families and Free resources for military families? If not, then you are at the perfect place. Here, we will explain Positive Parenting for Military family in detail. But before considering positive parenting, we need to understand, What Parenting is.

Parenting is the methodology of fostering kids by encouraging and sustaining their physical, dynamic, social, intellectual, ethical, and spiritual evolution from babyhood to adulthood.

Positive Parenting for Military Families
Positive Parenting for Military Households

But, do you know Military Parenting is distinctive from Regular Parenting? Yes, Military Parenting is a unique challenge. Significantly, when you count in deployments, PCS impacts, switching schools, friends, etc.

Due to all these reasons, Military parents need to adopt a few eccentric measures to raise their children. These are known as Positive Parenting for Military Family. Successively, we will enumerate Optimistic Parenting for Military Families closely.

Positive Parenting for Military Families: Podcast

Parenting is an excellent instance of family enthusiasm and stability. It is an ongoing job. Positive Military Parenting is like a Military Mission.

It needs tremendous support, patience, attention, innovative ideas, and skills. Let’s Check out the following tips on Positive Parenting for Military Family.

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Communicate Regularly

Kids mimic what they notice. Show respectful discussions and interactions with one another. Chitchat with your kids about their needs, requirements, and, goals. Regular communications will maintain amazement between Parent and kid relationship.

Engage with your kid by playing games

Engage with your kid by playing games
Engage with your kid by playing games

The easiest way to make your child happy is to engage with your kid by playing games. Engaging in positive actions together declines the necessity for adverse discipline. Free at least 15-30 minutes daily as playtime with your kids.

Gradually, it will be the most demanding time for your kid in their life. You can play some indoor or outdoor games with them as they wish. Such as board games, sudoku, hide & seek (Indoor Games), badminton, basketball, etc.

Articulate your adoration for your child

Converse with your kids about your feelings for them. Allow the juveniles to understand how extensively you admire and care for them.

Articulate, your adoration for your child. Their minds will fill with joy and satisfaction. All youngsters deserve to get somebody who motivates them and adores them unconditionally.

Leverage up parenting

When you are at home try not to spend time with your phone or laptop. Unplug your phone and spend time with your children.

When you give your lookout to them they feel safe and protected. Inattentive parenting is associated with an upsurge in wounds and mishaps at home. It would leverage up your Military Parenting.

Connect with your reliable persons through social networking

Military persons need to stay far from their families for their mission. So, they should Increase solidity by connecting with people.

Connect, with those who support you and make you sense sound — like, friends, family, neighbors, playgroups, and parent groups that sustain your families.

It would be tremendously helpful in your time of need. Through them, your family will be safe and you will also feel relaxed.

Snuggling with your kids

Snuggling or Cuddling enables your kid to create a protected affection with parents. This attachment will have a significant impact later in your kid’s life.

It helps to build self-confidence, healthy individuation and quest, expression of compassion, social connections, and capability to manage life stress in your kid’s life.

Safe Sleeping is Important

Making your kid sleep safely is most important. It assures fewer accidents, harm, or injury. Avoid sleeping on the couch, swing, or sofa. Place loose mantles, cushions, bumpers, and other delicate objects out of the rest area.

Fix When-Then Practices

Establishing clear anticipations is an essential element of positive parenting. Try to use the “when-then” strategy to uplift more acceptable manners during the multiple difficult spans of your kid’s day.

Exemplify to your kid that when the boring task end they can spend the day with enjoyable things. Such as, after brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and studying in school they can play guitar or play with friends at home.

Adhere to this technique, and your youngsters will fast comprehend to push via the practice on their own. These are the benefits of When-Then Practices.

Express yes to reasonable values

When a child begins operating up, it enforces realistic outcomes that can shift poor options into wisdom prospects.

  • The child is truly adept at the anticipated manners.
  • The outcome is reasonable and compliant.
  • You teach the outcome of the incident in advance to your kid.

This process will help your kid to take the right decision in the needed time.

Concentrate on what you can restrain

When your kids are in an out-of-control agitation, benevolently, but strongly control them. It is significant to restrain them from hurting themselves or others.

Utilize just sufficient emphasis to restrain them securely. Communicate with them in a promising, peaceful voice. Emit them as soon as the fierce conduct quits. Thus, you can restrain your kids from hurting themselves.

Powerful Parenting

The main principle of Powerful parenting is to teach your kids the morals of what is good and what is bad. Establishing boundaries and being constant is the golden rule of Powerful Parenting.

Be forgiving and firm when you establish practices and implement them. Concentrate on the logic behind the child’s misconduct. This is called Powerful Parenting.

Choose a healthy diet for your kid

Choosing a nutrient-dense healthy diet for your kid is the most significant step. Everyone requires the same types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Kids, yet, require distinct portions of typical nutrients at different ages. So, consider those things.

Set your kid’s mind during deployment

Your kids may appear too immature to comprehend anything regarding deployment. But, they will detect the absence of a parent. They are also very conscious of the pressure levels of the parent who stays back. So try to keep calm.

Set your kid's mind during deployment
Set your kid’s mind during deployment

As a parent, you can take efforts to organize the baby during the deployment by displaying illustrations or images of the deployed parent. You can recreate videos so the baby can listen to his voice and see him.

Don’t be too disgruntled if the tot does not team up for a Skype call. It occurs. The parent will be happy by seeing the baby, and they will have an abundance of span to get to know individually later.

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Don,t get stressed-out

Getting stressed can affect-adversely your parenting. Realizing how to handle pressure can enhance your enjoyment.

Don,t get stressed-out
Don,t get stressed-out

It furnishes a standard for youngsters to manage their stress. Run to your local Military and Family Support Center to locate their available anxiety managing lessons.

Health Risks by family resilience

Stay concerned about your child abuse and the long-term consequences for your children. For this reason, it is vital to understand how to safeguard your kids from health menaces by constructing family resilience. Also, identify healthy versus unhealthy manners in your children.

Therefore, the above tips play an essential role in Positive Parenting for Military Families. Every Military or non Military parent should consider these measures to raise their kids ideally. Next, we will discuss Free resources for military families.

Free resources for military families

During deployment, or often, Military families discover themselves fronting unique challenges in life and education. Luckily, there are many free resources to encounter certain challenges for Military families. Below we will discuss military resources.

Military Resources

The Military Resources are discussed below. These are-

  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

An Unusual Family Member is a Family member with any physical, emotional, or academic ailment that needs particular therapy, education, or counseling, and satisfies the eligibility standards. That family member is eligible for the Exceptional Family Member Program(EFMP).

When any member of a Military family qualifies for the EFMP rules then he/she must enroll their name and details in EFMP. After that, they get all facilities mentioned above.

  • Military Child Education Coalition

 Military Child Education Coalition Supports military kids managing with being shifted from school to school around the world.

  • Military One Source(1-800-342-9647)

Military One Source delivers various kinds of support to Military families. Their service includes educational, parental, and child care, shifting, medical, and legal support.

  • National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) 

NACCRRA discovers child care aids and referral agencies to assist military parents to get quality maintenance.

  • National Guard 

News and resources for families of National Guard associates

  • National Military Family Association

It is an advocacy association for the needs of military families.

So, these are the main free resources for military families. Besides, there are more free resources available for them. Now, we will discuss the 3F’S of Positive Parenting.

3F’S of Positive Parenting for Military Family

Parenting is not a simple job. Kids are not born with a manual. You and your kid may have diverse characters or qualities. The objective of parenting is to lead kids to self-discipline.

3F'S of Positive Parenting
3F’S of Positive Parenting

Parents feel that punishing is the most efficacious method to discipline a child. But, after learning and applying the 3F’S of Positive Parenting Parents are more satisfied with the outcome.

Here are the 3F’S of Positive Parenting

  • Firm: When kids mishave or do something wrong Parents should take a firm decision. Handle them with a firm mind.
  • Fair: Take a fair decision to punish your kids. Punish as per their crime. Also, give rewards when they do something good or score well in their study.
  • Friendly: Always try to maintain friendly behavior with your kid. This manner helps your child to express their feelings, emotions, and anxiety to you openmindedly. Encourage them to do good things showing future results.

Hence, these are the most significant 3F’S of Positive Parenting. This method helps your kid to be an ideal human being. Now we will move to the Conclusion part of this article.


Now, we are at the conclusion of the article. In this post, we shared the essential tips on Positive Parenting for Military Families. We also discussed Free resources for military families and 3F’S of Positive Parenting.

We hope not only military parents but also parents will be benefitted from these parenting tips. At last, we can say We are proud of the Military men and Women. They are the safeguard of our country as well as the world. With their selfless services, we can live and stay peacefully. Salute to Military Services.

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What are the 5 positive parenting skills?

The 5 steps of Positive Parenting skills are-
Construct a secure, captivating surrounding 
Build an optimistic learning atmosphere 
Employ emphatic discipline
Maintain practical anticipations
Take care of yourself as a parent

What is military family Syndrome?

The phrase “military family syndrome” first came into use after the Vietnam War. It means the behavioral and psychosocial issues of youngsters of deployed parents. Also the consequences of deployment on the connection between the kid and the parent staying at the residence.

How does having a parent in the military affect a child?

It is found that having a parent in the military family affects a child in various ways. Such as troubles in sleeping, more elevated anxiety levels declining grades, and increased rates of child maltreatment.

Are there any benefits for military parents?

There are various kinds of benefits that assist with the expenditures of the essential things — education, medical supervision, and child care.

What do you think the biggest challenges are for military families?

The main problems related to this are distancing from family, spouse employment and underemployment, child care availability and affordability, and the pressure of relocation.

How much do military wives get paid?

There is no military spouse pay or compensation. But the military proposes some advantages to support service members and their families. The first concern after the wedding should be the closest military ID card issuing facility to enroll in DEERS, the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.

What are military wives called?

Partners and children of service members are traditionally named Dependents. Being called a “Dependa” indicates the military spouse stays at home and does not do any service. While their service member sacrifices everything to keep them comfortable.

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