Nutrition of a Watermelon

Good day, pals! We always look for how to stay fit & healthy. Right? The nutrition of a Watermelon is overwhelming. To stay healthy the foremost principle is we need to stay hydrated all the time. This single juicy fruit can quench our thirst. Watermelon has 91% of water. So, it is crystal clear that only one fruit can keep us hydrated all day long.

Nutrition of a Watermelon
Nutrition of a Watermelon

WATERMELON is a nutrient-dense, sweet, tasty, and healthy fruit. It comes from the Cucurbits family or Gourds family along with pumpkin, gourd, squash, and zucchini. It is most important to humans as Watermelon is rich in vitamins, and minerals instead of water. Do you have any proposition that what nutrients are found in watermelon? Let’s go through the article below to have a clear idea about the Nutrition of a Watermelon.

Nutrition of a Watermelon: What nutrients are found in watermelon?

The above narration gives us a basic idea about watermelon and Which family it belongs to. Now we will discuss here What nutrients are found in watermelon? Watermelon, the name itself says that it is a melon full of water. But as the concern is the Nutrition of a Watermelon, so we are required to know what other nutrients are found in Watermelon. Here we are tabulating all the nutrients of Watermelon below.

Fiber0.4 grams
Fat0.2 grams
Protein0.2 grams

Besides all the above nutrients many types of Vitamins & Minerals are found in Watermelon. We are discussing all the valuable vitamins & minerals below which are beneficial for our health.

Watermelon Vitamins

Watermelon Vitamins
Watermelon Vitamins

Despite the above nutrients, Watermelon carries lots of essential vitamins & minerals in it. You will be amazed by knowing the enormous advantages of watermelon vitamins and minerals. They have the extraordinary power to gift us a healthy body system. Let’s get to know what are they in below.

  • Vitamin C: Watermelon contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic acid. It helps in the development of bones, and the repair of tissues, and cartilages. It forms blood vessels & heals the body. Vitamin c helped to boost Immunity.
  • Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 is also referred to as Pantothenic Acid found in Watermelon. It has anti-inflammatory & anti-aging properties. It helps in wound healing, softens skin, and reduces fine lines. Despite this, it is helpful in headaches, osteoarthritis & baldness. Also aids in energy production.
  • Potassium: Potassium is a mineral. It is a type of electrolyte. It maintains normal levels of fluids in our cells. It is beneficial in perfect working of nerves & muscles. It is also found in Watermelon.
  • Lycopene: Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant found in Watermelon. It is beneficial in repairing damaged tissues. It is good for heart health and protects skin from sunburn & certain types of Cancer. Lycopene is also present in Watermelon.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is a mineral. It is needed to maintain bone structure normal. It produces energy in the body & supports muscles and nerves. Apart from this Magnesium helps to maintain good heart health & relieves stress by promoting good sleep. It is found in Watermelon.
  • Copper: Copper is a crucial trace mineral. It aids to promote bone & tissue integrity. It plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells. Watermelon contains copper.
  • Biotin: Biotin is also known as Vitamin B. Biotin can be found in watermelon. It helps in hair growth and nourishes the skin. Biotin prevents & controls diabetes & reduces bad cholesterol.

We have learned from the above description what nutrients are found in Watermelon. But do you know that besides watermelon there are some nutritional facts about watermelon seeds? Sounds interesting right? We are discussing in the next how watermelon seed is beneficial for us.

Nutritional Fact of Watermelon Seed

From the anterior narration, we got a crystal clear idea of the Nutrition of a Watermelon. We also learned how the nutrients found in watermelon are advantageous for our health. Now we will give you an idea of the Nutritional Fact of Watermelon Seed here.

Nutritional Fact of Watermelon Seed
Nutritional Fact of Watermelon Seed

1 cup of dried watermelon seeds rich in the following nutrients.

Potassium 699.84mg
Zinc 11.06mg

Here we got to know that watermelon seeds contain almost all types of essential vitamins & minerals. In the following, we will discuss how the nutrients are fruitful for us.

Nutrition of a Watermelon: What are the benefits of watermelon seeds?

nutritional fact of watermelon seed
What are the benefits of watermelon seeds?

Previously We have discussed the Nutrition of a Watermelon, how they are beneficial for our health, and the Nutritional facts of the Watermelon Seed. Here we will talk through What are the benefits of watermelon seeds and their efficacies.

  • Boost Immunity: Watermelon seeds contain Iron, zinc vitamin B-complex. All these minerals help to increase energy& strength. Hence it helps to Boost Immunity also.
  • Upgrade Skin Texture: Watermelon seeds contain vitamin c. Vitamin C helps to boost collagen in the skin. Reduces fine lines. Watermelon seeds are full of antioxidants and magnesium. It stabilizes hormonal imbalance. Thus overall Skin texture upgraded
  • Maintain good Heart health: Watermelon seeds contain good fat. These polyunsaturated fats protect hearts from a heart attack. Watermelon is full of magnesium. It helps to regulate blood circulation & keep blood pressure normal. Hence, Watermelon maintains good Heart Health.
  • Ward Off Osteoporosis: Watermelon Seeds are full of magnesium, potassium, copper, and anti-oxidants. If anyone is suffering from a bone disorder, pain, or weak bones then they must add watermelon seeds to the diet daily. We suggest you can add watermelon seeds as a snack. Eating watermelon seeds daily can ward off Osteoporosis.

 How do you make watermelon seed tea?

Firstly take 2 cups of water in a pan. Let it boil. Put off the flame. Then take 1 tablespoon of watermelon seed and pour it into the boiling water. Cover it with a plate for about 20 minutes. Let it cool. Then strain the tea into a glass. Now your watermelon tea is ready. Take watermelon tea by making it freshly.

How do you make watermelon seed tea?
How do you make watermelon seed tea?

Is watermelon seed tea good for kidney stones?

Watermelon Tea is very beneficial to reflux kidney stones. It can be used as a home remedy to cleanse out kidneys in a healthy way. It is very simple to make watermelon seed tea. We have shared the Watermelon Tea recipe above.

Therefore, we have cultivated what are the benefits of watermelon seeds in different ways. But, how many of you know watermelon is serviceable for our health. Subsequently, we will perceive The Health Benefits of Watermelon.

So, now you have learned a lot about the Nutrition of a Watermelon from the above discussion, Now we will proceed to The Health Advantages of Watermelon.

The Health Benefits of Watermelon

In the context of Nutrition of a Watermelon, the crucial spike is The Health Benefits of Watermelon. At this moment we will grasp the knowledge that watermelon has numerous health benefits. Look over those benefits below.

The Health Benefits of Watermelon
The Health Benefits of Watermelon

1.     KEEPS HYDRATED: As WATERMELON includes the name water itself and 90% of it is water. So, it’s crystal clear that WATERMELON has a high capacity to quench our thirst. In summer when hotness is at its peak then consume watermelon to keep yourself HYDRATED. We should add watermelon & juicy fruits to our diet. It is better to intake raw fruits instead of juice form. Because raw fruits contain fiber which is inevitable to our health. WATERMELON protects us from dehydration & keeps us hydrated.

2.     High Nutrition: WATERMELON is a highly nutritious fruit. It includes water, It includes protein, healthy fat, carbohydrate, lots of fiber, and sugar. It does not have cholesterol. WATERMELON is loaded with vital minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. It gives our body all types of high nutrition and makes us strong.

3.     Strong Bones & Joints: 1 Cup of WATERMELON contains 10.8 mg of calcium. WATERMELON has a natural pigment called Beta- cryptoxanthin. It protects against joint pain, and joint inflammation. Scientific research shows that consuming watermelon reduces the risk of Rheumatoid arthritis. It contains magnesium, potassium & copper which are helpful for strong bones & joints.

4.    Lower Risk of Cancer: WATERMELON is of bright deep red color. The bright red color comes from LYCOPENE. Lycopene is an anti-oxidant. Watermelon has more lycopene than TOMATO. More ripe watermelon with more red color will give you more benefits. So, go with ripe WATERMELONS. Anti-oxidant helps lower the risk of cancer in our body.

5.     Maintain Healthy Heart: WATERMELON has a great aptitude to prevent cardiovascular diseases. It contains citrulline. Citrulline helps in the circulating of blood through the whole body which lowers blood pressure. Besides this, magnesium regulates & controls blood pressure. Another agent lycopene also helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

6.     Controls Blood Pressure: WATERMELON contains an amino acid known as CITRULLINE. It helps to regulate blood circulation in our whole body and lowers blood pressure and further complications. WATERMELON effectively reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Thus watermelon controls blood pressure.

7.   Natural Sweetener: Packaged and processed foods are loaded with added sugar, which harms our health. Ingesting added sugar can elevate blood sugar. WATERMELON is a natural sweetener that reduces sugar cravings and gives us nutrition also.

8.     PREVENT KIDNEY DISORDER: WATERMELON includes potassium and water which is inevitable for a Healthy Kidney. WATERMELON is super healthy because it contains Lycopene- an anti-oxidant that aids in breaking down detrimental free radicals. Daily consumption of watermelon juice helps in the dissolving of kidney stones. Hence we can prevent Kidney Disorders by eating Watermelon.

9.     Muscle Soreness: WATERMELON has an Amino acid called – Citrulline. Spanish scientists recommend having about 2 cups of watermelon juice before a workout. Because citrulline of watermelon produces nitric oxide synthesis in our body. Nitric oxide functions effectively to widen blood vessels and promote blood and oxygen flow to all tissues of our body. This boosts workout capacity for a longer period. An increased level of Oxygen flow decreases Muscle Soreness and also repairs damaged muscle tissues.

10. Watermelon benefits for men: Watermelon has lycopene and citrulline. Which plays a significant role to maintain healthy prostate health. Watermelon protects the prostate from prostate cancer.

From the above chronicle, we got the knowledge of numerous health benefits of Watermelon. In the next, we will get an idea about the benefits of drinking watermelon juice for the skin.

We almost came to the stage where we already learned a lot about the Nutrition of a Watermelon. Now we will let you know how watermelon juice can create magic for our skincare.

Benefits of drinking Watermelon Juice for Skin

We learned a lot about the Nutrition of a Watermelon. Despite health benefits, there are many benefits of drinking watermelon juice for the skin. Let’s check how our skin be benefitted from drinking watermelon juice.

Benefits of drinking Watermelon Juice for Skin
Benefits of drinking Watermelon Juice for Skin
  • Treats Hyperpigmentation

The delicious & super nutritious juice of WATERMELON is loaded with anti-oxidant and vitamin E which replenish. It rejuvenates our skin from free radical damage and hyperpigmentation. As Watermelon is made up of 90% of water and vitamin A, B & C, naturally it gives moisture & visible glow to our skin.

  • Natural Toner

Watermelon juice is loaded with vitamin c & antioxidants. To tone skin, it is crucial to get these types of ingredients. So, we can easily use watermelon juice as a toner. It arrests free radical damage & makes our skin toned & glowing naturally.

  • Great Exfoliator

Watermelon works great as a natural exfoliator. Its gentle particles scrub the skin gently while the juice hydrates the skin. This natural exfoliator flaking away dead skin cells effectively. It makes our skin glowing & healthy.

  • Bring down Inflammation

Formerly we discussed that watermelon has anti-inflammatory properties. Watermelon juice is packed with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. All these properties along with anti-inflammatory agents help to bring down redness in the skin. It calms inflammation of irritated skin. It makes our skin smooth & glowing.

  • Treats Acne

Watermelon is filled with vitamin c, antioxidants & minerals. Vitamin C helps to lessen breaks out. Its anti-inflammatory properties control sebum production. In this way, watermelon juice treats acne.

  • Functions for all types of Skin

Watermelon is fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Vitamin C and anti-oxidants are suitable for almost all skin types.

Watermelon juice is a natural wonder for skincare. Apart from skincare and Nutrition of a Watermelon, it also aids in weight loss. In the next, we will discuss that.

Does watermelon good for weight loss?

Formerly we learned about the Nutrition of a Watermelon and the health benefits of watermelon. Besides this, we have also learned how watermelon seeds are advantageous for us. Now here we will put the picture that Does watermelon good for weight loss or not.

Does watermelon good for weight loss?
Does watermelon good for weight loss

Any juicy fruit helps in weight loss. But in WATERMELON 90% Is Water and plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. So, it aids other benefits also with the benefit of WEIGHT LOSS. Yes, watermelon has a great perspective to LOSS WEIGHT wholesomely. Let’s evaluate it in the following.

  • FILLING FOOD: When you eat a little but your stomach fills then you don’t need to eat more right? After consuming watermelon people finds that their stomach feels full for a longer time. It has a filling capacity. It is a Filling Food. Hence, craving for foods decreases naturally, which helps in WEIGHT LOSS.
  • NATURAL SWEETENER: A watermelon contains 6.2gm of sugar. WATERMELON consists of the natural sweet agent. Intake of Sugar, packaged foods, and refined foods with lots of added sugar can increase weight in an unhealthy way. To maintain a healthy Lifestyle we need to cut off sugar-added foods. By ingesting watermelon we can easily cut off sugar intake and take a step ahead of our WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY.
  • LOW CALORIE & LOW FAT: To lose weight nutritiously our body needs healthy fats & calories in low amounts. 100 Grams of WATERMELON Contains only 30 calories and 0.2 grams of fat which are too low. And both the calories and fat in WATERMELON are healthy. So, eat more and LOSS WEIGHT happily.
  • HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS: There are tons of ways to LOSS WEIGHT. Which in the long run can be Harmful. Our body can deteriorate with a strict diet & extensive workout routine. We healthily need to LOSS WEIGHT. Watermelon is loaded with multi-vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. All these essential nutrients of Watermelon help us in Loss weight in a nutritional way.

Next, we will describe how can watermelon can affect adversely.

what are the side effects of eating watermelon?

Indeed Watermelon is a nutritious fruit. But, we all know an age-old proverb ” Too much of anything is bad”. Over consumption of Watermelon can lead to Diarrhea, risky for alcoholics, diabetic people, and heart patients.

  • Diabetic patients: Watermelon is a Natural Sweetener. It has a high glycemic index – of 72. So, a diabetic patient should avoid intake after consulting a physician.
  • Heart Palpitation: Watermelon has a high amount of potassium. If you eat watermelon in excess quantity then it may cause a drop in pulse rate, heart palpitation, etc. So, maintain heart health by consuming an adequate amount of WATERMELON.
  • Diarrhea: Watermelon contains lycopene and potassium. So, overeating watermelon can disrupt our digestion system. It may cause Diarrhea.
  • Alcoholic Person should avoid: LYCOPENE agent of WATERMELON can affect adversely the liver in the case of an alcoholic person. So, it’s better to avoid drinking Alcohol & eat WATERMELON. In that case, watermelon may cause Liver Inflammation.
  • Indigestion: Watermelon is good for our health. But, if we eat watermelon daily or overeat then it leads to indigestion. Our stomach will be upset which results in bloating, nausea, etc.

So, here we got to know what are the side effects of eating watermelon. Now it’s time to move on to The bottom line of this blog post.

The Bottom Line: Nutrition of a Watermelon

We have confabulated about the Nutrition of a Watermelon in this article. We have outlined What nutrients are found in watermelon, Watermelon Vitamins, and the Nutritional facts of Watermelon seeds.

Despite that, we also described What are the benefits of watermelon seeds, The Health Benefits of Watermelon, the Benefits of drinking Watermelon Juice for the Skin, and what are the side effects of eating watermelon closely. We hope we did justice with it and you will be super benefitted from our article. If you liked the blog post feel free to share it with your family member.

Nutrition of a Watermelon: FAQs of WATERMELON

What are watermelon kernels?

Watermelon kernel means watermelon seeds with shells. These are crisp and nutty like pumpkin seeds. We can add watermelon kernels as a top-up of foods like yogurt, salad, soups, etc. Watermelon seeds are safe for consumption.

Does eating watermelon make you fat?

Watermelon is one of the most nutritious fruits. It contains 91% water. It is a low-calorie fruit. Besides this, it includes amino acid which is great for burning fat quickly. So, there is no possible way to gain fat by eating watermelon.

What happens if we daily eat watermelon?

Overeating any food does not give fruitful results. Overdose of Lycopene and potassium in watermelon may disrupt your metabolism. It may lead to diarrhea, nausea, and indigestion. So, avoid eating watermelon daily.

What are the benefits of eating watermelon at night?

There is no hard & fast rule to avoid consuming watermelon at night. But, it is age-old advice to not consume fruits at bedtime. Besides that at night WATERMELON can disrupt the digestive system. The high amount of WATERMELON can lead you to frequent urination which might cause Sleeping Disturbance.

Is it good to eat watermelon seeds?

 WATERMELON SEEDS are rich in magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, omega 3, and more. If watermelon seeds are lightly roasted then can replace with unhealthy snacks. It would be highly beneficial to our health.

What is the benefit of watermelon in men?

Watermelon has lycopene and citrulline. Which plays a significant role to maintain healthy prostate health. Watermelon protects the prostate from prostate cancer.

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